Sample of Purple Sparkle 5mm Cladding Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panels

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Sample Dimension: 50mm x 250mm x 5mm

Purple Sparkle Wall & Ceiling Bathroom Cladding, otherwise known as Bathroom Panels in PVC

Purple Sparkle Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Cladding Panels in individual panels, dimensions 2600mm x 250mm x 5mm.

These Claddtech Bathroom Panels comprise state of the art technology and
advancement to produce a superior product at an equally fantastic price
to the competition. Each panel benefits from

'Close-Cell' technology for a high strength core and superior insulation properties.

'Colourfast Integrity' - so colours stay vivid for even longer.

'Interlock-Tight' technology to create an interference fit between
panels on multiple faces at the same time, increasing waterproofing

'Tougher to touch' technology is built in to each face ensuring a
thicker surface and better impact resistance, both of which should be
important factors in the choice you make for panels which will be put to
everyday use.

Please note that our panels are produced in batches. If you require the
same batch of panels from a previous order, please do contact us prior
to ordering so that we can we can check availability.

Orders placed without this request will be fulfilled with the current batch in use.

  • Claddtech, respected brand in cladding.
  • Close-Cell' technology for high strength core & better insulation properties
  • 'Colourfast Integrity' for better colour longevity.
  • Interlock-Tight' technology for a fully interference fit between panels & better waterproofing properties.
  • Super Slim' 5mm panels for minimal room intrusion and more effective tile coverage.
  • Perfect for walls & ceilings in any room.
  • Zero maintenance other than cleaning.
  • Fully waterproof when installed to specification.
  • Simple to install, suitable for DIY.
  • Bathroom panel size: 250mm x 2600mm.
  • Purple Sparkle.
Colour :Purple Sparkle
Length :2600mm
Width :250mm
Thickness :5mm
Material :PVC


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