Sample of 8mm Coving Trim or Quadrant Trim in a Chrome Finish for 8mm Cladding Wall Panels.

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Sample Dimension: Approx 200mm long

8mm Coving Trims for 8mm Cladding Panels

The finishing touches make all the difference.

These 8mm Coving Trims, which are also sometimes referred to as Quadrant Trims, or sometimes Bath Seal Trims, make the perfect intersection finisher between a wall panel, and an adjoining ceiling panel.
Added to each edge of a ceiling, these offer a very neat and waterproof coving system.
Also, these trims are used at the base of wall panels when meeting with a shower tray, or at the juncture of a wall panel and the edge of a bath.

These 8mm trims work great with our VOX range of 8mm panels.

  • Chrome Finish
  • Suitable for 8mm panels
  • 2.6m long
  • Scope for out of true walls
  • In Stock for immediate Delivery
  • Internal Corner Trim
Height :2600mm
Finish :Chrome
Material :PVC
Panel Size :8mm Panel
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