Polar Shimmer 8mm PVC Panels For Walls

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Polar Shimmer 8mm PVC Panels For Walls are available to buy now in our online store. 10% off your first order today.

Polar Shimmer 8mm Thick Bathroom PVC Wall Panels

Just one of our four shimmer panels, the Polar Shimmer 8mm PVC panel is a gorgeous, cost effective, modern alternative to tiles.

Flush Fitting and easy to install, these panels can even be put over existing tiles! Suitable for all wet areas including, indoor swimming area and shower enclosures

  • 8mm Thick Panel
  • Sparkle Shimmer Gorgeous Design
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Class 1 Fire Rated
  • Simple to Install - Suitable for DIY
  • Low Maintenance - No Grouting Required
  • Perfect for walls and ceilings in any room.
Length :2600mm
Width :250mm
Material :PVC
Thickness :8mm


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