Black Sparkle 10mm PVC Panels For Walls

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Black Sparkle 10mm PVC Panels For Walls are the number 1 bathroom decor. Why is everyone choosing bathroom panels instead of tiles? its because they take half the time to install, they cost up to 80% less, and there are a massive range of beautiful designs to choose from.

Black Sparkle Glitter Finish Large Bathroom Wall Shower Panels.
These bathroom panels come in large 1 metre wide sheets, ideal for a shower replacement or for commercial showers where a more robust solution is required.
The Black Sparkle finish is a stunning black sparkle appearance and will fully complement your shower area.

Ideal for a full bathroom refurbishment or a part refurb.

10mm Thick shower panels that come in 2.4m tall sheets to really stand out from the crown and without compromising on quality.

  • 10mm Thick Panels
  • Robust Design
  • Stunning Finish
  • 1 Metre Wide Sheets
Height :2.4 Metres          
Width :1 Metre
Thickness :10mm
Finish :Black Sparkle
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