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If you are a Bathroom Showroom or Plumbers Merchants, you can open up a trade account with us today to gain access to huge discounts, sample boxes and much, much more.

To create a trade account, click here to enter your details and then message us through the contact page, including your business name, the type of business and your location.

Within 1 working day, we will be able to verify your business, and upgrade your account into a trade account, whereby you will be able to see the superb benefits on offer

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Claddtech's Brochure, Available for Download for FREE now or come down to our showroom in Burton On Trent and pick up a FREE Copy.

Our address is Unit 5 Crown Industrial Estate, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 3NX

  • Huge Range of Styles and Designs
  • Top Quality Products Available within 48hrs
  • Midlands Showroom Open Weekdays

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Introducing our Claddtech Mascot - The Claddtech Man

Find out why bathroom wall panels are the modern alternative to tiles and how they can revamp your home at a fraction of the cost by watching our Claddtech video.


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