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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can panels go over the top of existing tiles?

Answer: Yes, our panels are perfect for going over the top of old existing

Question: How do you cut down the panels?

Question: Do the panels have tongue and groove edges?

Question: What cladding trims are required?

Question: Can I use wall panels in a kitchen?

Question: How do I fix panels to the wall?

Question: How do I fix panels to the ceiling?

Question: How do you clean PVC wall panels?

Question: Can I use panels outdoors?

Question: I want to buy some panels now and some more at a later date, how can I make sure they are the same?

Answer: To ensure you get the same batch of panels as your first order, please keep a note of the batch number of your first delivery of panels. The batch number is found on the ends of the panel packaging and will usually be a sequence of letters and/or numbers.

Question: Are your panels fire rated?
Answer: Yes, we have full accreditation for fire rating and can provide this upon request.

Question: Are most of your panels only 5mm thick?
Answer: Yes, most of our range is 5mm. We chose 5mm as our thickness for many reasons, but in short, due to the technology we put into our panels they are extremely rigid, in our experience, more so than all 8mm panels we have analyzed. Couple that with the minimal space they take up, 5mm is the perfect size for minimal room intrusion and ideal to go over surfaces such as tiles.
We do also offer a range of 10mm large boards, the dimensions for these are 1 metre x 2.4 metre and are ideal for shower zones and wetrooms.

Question: Can I buy these from a local merchant?
Answer: Yes, this should be possible. Our merchant database is growing by the day. If however it is not possible, we can send you products out direct from the factory. Please use this website to shop for your panels.

Question: I am a trade customer, can I open an account?
Answer: That does depend of the type of trade you are. If you are an installer, then we do not allow trade accounts. If however you are a bathroom showroom or plumbers merchant, we will grant you a trade account upon request and after verification of showroom or merchant location and business.

Question: I need the products quickly, what kind of delivery service do you offer?
Answer: If you order by 11am, we usually dispatch the same day. We advertise a 48 hour delivery service, however in reality, we use a 24 hour delivery service, so in the vast majority of cases, if product is ordered by 11am, you will often receive your goods the very next day (excluding bank holidays and weekends).

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