Claddtech Product Information

Care & Maintenance Instructions

  • Suitable for Interior use on walls & ceilings ONLY
  • Once received, our panels must be stored and cut indoors only. They cannot be left or cut outside
  • Do not expose panels to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C.
  • Use only Solvent Free adhesive/silicone during installation.
  • You will need to cut the panels to fit your walls/ceilings. A finetooth handsaw is recommended for cutting down the panels.
  • As our panels come in batches, if you require more panels of the same batch, please contact us prior to ordering. If we are not contacted regarding batch matching, we will send out the batch in use at that time.
  • To ensure the panels are watertight in a shower area, apply a bead of silicone into the groove before slotting in the next panel. This prevents water penetration between panels

Failure to follow the above will invalidate guarantee

The Claddtech product range allows the trade seller and the end user alike to benefit from an exhaustive range of wall panels, in a plethora of colours, finishes and styles.
The wall panels manufactured by Claddtech are termed 'better by design' for a host of reasons, because of the huge amount of innovation and technology that underpins the design and ensures you have a better, more rigid, higher performing waterproof bathroom wall panel.

Also suitable for other environments, the claddtech wall & ceiling panels can used  for kitchens, lounges, restaurants, salons, and hotels producing a superior finish at a an unbelievably competitive price.