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Bespoke Acrylic Design Service

Can’t find the design you’re looking for?

Don’t worry, here at Claddtech we offer a bespoke design service to help you create the perfect panel design for your home, office, club or anywhere you might be looking to decorate.

We can work from any images that you might want to incorporate into your panel or we can design your perfect panel from the ground up. Our dedicated graphics designer will help transform your ideas and images into a printable wall panel available in 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic.



Any panels designed to your specifications will be held up to the same standards as all our acrylic wall panels with clean, bold colours and a smooth, glass like finish complete with a protective backing to protect your design from damage.

Please keep in mind that our panels are incredibly large and any images provided will need to be modified by our graphics designer to fit this resolution.


 Curious on how your panel might look?

We offer printed acrylic samples for all our panel designs and this service extends to our bespoke, made to order panels. This service will allow you to better visualise how your unique wall panel might look in your home or business with a scaled down version of your design printed onto real acrylic.



For more information call us at: 01283 617 616 


Or email us at:


Claddtech's range of Acrylic wall Panels are an exclusive collection of commissioned fine art acrylic panels, designed to be an eye catching focal point or centre piece in your bathroom. This new selection of acrylic panels are the ultimate, modern alternative to tiles, and are created to make an impact in any room in the home; featuring in caravans, kitchens and living areas. A fast and easy installation where each panel can be pattern matched to create a seamlessly phenomenal ambiance. 

Our Acrylic panels are the queen of all panels, reverse printed (to protect your high quality design) onto a robust, acrylic 3mm or 5mm sheet. Acrylic sheets have the look and feel of glass, but are highly robust and designed to stand the test of time. Once the backing has been secured, your design is ready to go. Full instructions on installation will be given with every purchase to make your project go as smooth as possible.

All our designs are made to order, and if you do not see a design you want then feel free to message us and we can look at providing a bespoke design for you from either a photo print of your own or one of our designers to create a piece from scratch to your specifications.

The benefits of Acrylic wall panels are;

  • *Glass like look appearance
  • *Fully Waterproof
  • *Immensely Robust
  • *High Resolution Designs
  • *Pattern Matched (where applicable)

Best Sellers

Introducing our Claddtech Mascot, Claddy

Find out why bathroom wall panels are the modern alternative to tiles and how they can revamp your home at a fraction of the cost by watching our Claddtech video.

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