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SPC Stone Effect Flooring

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SPC Flooring is the Rolls Royce of flooring for many reasons as stated below;

  • Stone Core Composite allows for superb application in high temperature fluctuation areas.
  • Highly dense and strong product allows for the flooring to remain slim and unobtrusive to floor thresholds.
  • Stone Composite flooring is a 100% waterproof product, making it specifically suitable for all areas of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Top layer of flooring has a specific Anti-Wear layer, designed solely for resistance to impact and scratches, and allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee. *Conditions Apply.
  • The unique and patented click system allows for simple installation with seamless joints, and also allows for easy disassembly should you wish to move home and take the floor with you!
  • Can be installed with or without an underlay, although for best results, a thin underlay will produce a better finished installation.
  • Flooring surface finish fully replicates the real materials they imitate, with 3D textured finishes.
  • Our Claddtech SPC Flooring includes a UV Coating for better resistance to sun aging.
  • Flooring is laid free floating – no glues required.

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