Solisse have vast experience in the Interior Cladding market, and use this daily to develop and push the boundaries and capabilities of the uses of cladding in the home, office, work space, and virtually all applications domestically and commercially.

We at Claddtech have spent years ensuring that we have developed a tough, resilient panel with finishes designed to uplift the home, and not for just the bathroom, but for all spaces within the home, adding class, colour, and textures without compromise.

Introducing the Solisse Luxury Linear and TexturePlus ranges!!!

Imagine your child drawing on the walls….not a problem with our cladding, simply wipe down and clean.

Imagine a finish that looks and feels like paper, but that you could Jet Wash!

Imagine poor quality walls, and topping them with our TexturePlus panels, creating a flawless and rich interior in minutes!

Imagine plush hotel interiors, now available for your home.

Solisse branded panels are;

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Tongue and groove design – providing that easy and quick installation. Say goodbye to hours of ripping of old wallpaper
  • Hygienic
  • Various Stunning Textures and Designs
  • Durable/Hard Wearing
  • Can go over wallpaper, tiles and wooden panelling. (Please be mindful that whatever the panels are installed onto is secure, as our panels will depend on the strength of the wall behind them)
  • 3D Texture – For those who want something more than stone cold paint.
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