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Stuck for choice - Why not use two panel designs for your bathroom or kitchen?

Stuck for choice - Why not use two panel designs for your bathroom or kitchen?

, by Addition Collaborator, 2 min reading time

Claddtech's range of wall cladding panels is so vast, it can become really hard to choose between designs!

Below we have devised a few of our most favourite designs as well as pairing them with other panel styles so you can have the option of not just one, but two different panel designs in your choice of room!

The Anthracite Mist Grey panel is a visually striking panel that would look great in any room in your home or work place! However, we can understand that sometimes less is more and that you may want to add a different decor option in to break up the pattern.

That is where, the Anthracite Mist Grey & Chrome panel comes in, same design,but features a twin chrome integrated strip that runs down the length of the panel, bringing out any chrome features in your bathroom such a taps, shower frames and the like.


You could do one wall with Anthracite Mist and the next with Anthracite Mist Chrome to get the best out of not just one but two different panel designs at low prices!

The same applies to our new Grey Sparkle and the Grey Sparkle & Chrome panels! See below and imagine just how these designs could compliment each other in your own bathroom, kitchen or wet room.


The options are endless! Have you already paired two different designs together? We would love to see your ideas and visions that have become your bathrooms and kitchens! If you have the time, please send some photos of them to

(Please be mindful that we only recommend starting one panel design on a separate wall to another, we do not recommend using two panel designs on one wall due to the interlocking of the tongue & groove)

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