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What Lighting should you use with your Ceiling Panels?

What Lighting should you use with your Ceiling Panels?

, by Addition Collaborator, 1 min reading time

Ceiling panels have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many wanting to ditch the neck aching paint rollers in favour of something longer lasting and easier to clean. Like wall panels, ceiling panels are a tongue & groove design that interlock seamlessly side by side, however many people do wonder how to incorporate the correct lighting with their ceiling panels. Or quite simply what lightning can be used with PVC ceiling panels?

Spotlights are the most proactive, tidiest form of lighting to use with Claddtech ceiling panels. A popular alternative to pendant lightning, however spotlights do require additional wiring, as well as holes to be drilled into the ceiling. PVC ceiling panels solve this problem by covering over the damage caused by the extra holes and wiring. All you need to do is measure out the circumference of the ceiling lights and cut a hole to feed the spotlights through. The video below shows you a guide on how to do this;

Due to the ceiling panels being made of PVC, it is imperative that the bulbs are fitted with LED low voltage type bulbs. These will not pose a threat to the plastic ceiling panels and increase your energy efficiency within your home. We always recommend checking with your lighting supplier to ensure that the lighting you have chosen will be suitable for your required purpose.

As a recommendation, most 5mm and 8mm panels can be used as ceiling panels, but if you want to triple check, please send us an email at where we will be more than happy to send recommendations as well as installation advice.

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