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SPC Flooring - The best click flooring on the market?

SPC Flooring - The best click flooring on the market?

, by Addition Collaborator, 3 min reading time

Claddtech's superior alternative to Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVT Flooring is the all new Stone Reinforced Plastic Composite or SPC Flooring. The SPC Click Flooring is a durable, resilient, waterproof flooring that is both premium and stunning in appearance.

With a textured surface that illuminates the realistic design of stone effect floor tiles or wood effect planks, the Claddtech SPC Flooring will make a beautiful addition to any bathroom, kitchen, WC, utility room or lounge.

When comparing with other flooring alternatives such as LVT Flooring or WPC Flooring, the rigid 60% stone based core of Claddtech's SPC flooring range is certainly the best option for those looking for the most durable flooring. With a 100% waterproof core and the patented waterproof click system, you can be confident in containing the fluid without spoiling your floor or substrate below.

Always remove any spillage in expedient time as possible. The click system allows for simple installation with seamless joints, and also allows for easy disassembly should you wish to move home and take the floor with you!

SPC Flooring is LVT Flooring's bigger and better brother. LVT Flooring is subject to limitations of suitable areas to lay the product whereas SPC flooring from Claddtech is suitable in all areas of the home, work place, office space and commercial areas.

Claddtech SPC is dense, stronger, more rigid and more resilient to impact and damage. Claddtech also developed a commercial grade wear layer (integrated into each floor tile/plank) allowing for heavy foot traffic without compromise to the floor surface finish.

If you are investing in flooring in your new home or work space, ensure you invest in the best.

As well as being superior in design, look and feel to any other click flooring on the market, Claddtech SPC Flooring comes with a 10 year guarantee (*subject to terms and conditions), giving you the reassurance you need when purchasing any flooring.

There is also two variations of SPC Flooring, the Wood Effect Planked Flooring or the Stone Effect Tiled Flooring, giving you the choice of perhaps having SPC Stone Tile flooring in your kitchen and the SPC Wood Plank Flooring in your hallway? The possibilities are endless.

Did you know that LVT Flooring is restricted to underfloor heating systems up to 27 degrees? Whereas, Claddtech SPC Flooring's 60% STONE CONTENT core means SPC flooring boasts of high stability with operational temperature fluctuations, far greater than LVT Flooring.

So let's recap;

  • Fully waterproof

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Eco Friendly

  • Click Floor System

  • Planked or Tile Styles Available

  • Great for all areas of the home and work spaces

  • 10 Year Guarantee (*subject to terms and conditions)

  • Range of colours

  • Fire Resistant

  • Durable and Hard Wearing

What hasn't it got? Order your sample today, or if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have you seen our test flooring videos which shows just how resilient this flooring is? Check it out now here

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