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Wall panel ideas for every room! Exquisite décor for luxurious homes

Wall panel ideas for every room! Exquisite décor for luxurious homes

, by Addition Collaborator, 1 min reading time

Claddtech's designer wall panel range - EXPLAINED. For those who want stunning, robust, warm and contemporary decor in their home or business.

There is a huge surge in people preferring to use wall panels instead of tiles in their bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas. Wall panels are waterproof, easy to install and require little maintenance, making them ideal for those who want to say goodbye to grouting and any high maintenance decor such as tiles.

However, it has often been asked if wall panels are suitable for other rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, hotel rooms, receptions and the like. With this in mind, Claddtech have designed wall panels that are meant for 'living spaces'.

The Solisse designer range boast of many benefits;

  • Robustness - Can you imagine swinging a 2.5kg weight at your wall and not leaving a mark? 
  • 100% Waterproof - Although Solisse Panels are designed to be used throughout the home or commerical work place, they are 100% waterproof which means they are perfect for areas exposed to water such as Shower Enclosures, Wet Rooms and Bathrooms.
  • Tongue & Groove Connections - For an easy, seamless installation that imitates the appearance and feel of wallpaper without the fiddly application process. 
  • Stain Resistant - Oh no! Marker Pen on the walls! See below and your mind will be blown!
  • Hard wearing/Durable
  • Textured -  Choose from either the Linear or TexturePlus Collections


 The Claddtech designer range are idyllic for hotel foyers, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. Their textured appearance and contemporary colours will raise the luxury and bring your home that warmth and cosiness you have been missing. 

These luxury wall boards are a new revolution of wall panel. Join the revolution today and order a sample here.




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