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Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling For Bathrooms

Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling For Bathrooms

, by Addition Collaborator, 1 min reading time

Want to know how wall panels or ceiling cladding fit together? Then look no further, this blog entry explains why Claddtech panels are perfect for installation in wet areas and how easy it is to install them.

Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling For Bathrooms

Bathroom Cladding is a fresh, low cost alternative to tiles that takes half the time to install and looks just as luxurious as bathroom tiles.

What makes these beautiful PVC cladding panels so easy to fit is the tongue & groove design, the diagram below explains how each panel interlocks with another.

Not only are they simple to fit together, the interlock-tight design of Claddtech panels produce better waterproofing properties resulting in a seamless finish once installed. These wall panels are perfect for wet areas such as shower enclosures, wet rooms and sink areas.

Low cost and quick to install, Claddtech panels are perfect for those who want a stunning bathroom, at the best price, in as little time as possible. Who is interested in wall panelling for bathrooms, well if your someone looking to transform the look of your bathroom, maybe you want to suprise a family member who has always been there for you, or you have a few properties and need to update your bathrooms quickly for your tenants? Look no further than Claddtech panels.

Need a little more reassurance? Then just look below at this stunning bathroom transformation using Claddtech's Grey Small Tile Effect Anthracite Bathroom Wall Panels.

If you want to save money and save time, bathroom panels are for you. If you want to fit the bathroom panels yourself, even better, we have created a simple step by step guide, showing you how to do this here




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