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The trending bathroom designs of 2020

The trending bathroom designs of 2020

, by Addition Collaborator, 3 min reading time

Starting your house renovation with your bathroom is a great way to begin making a home yours! Bathroom redecoration is a substantial, yet important investment. You want to invest in the best.  Like so many people, you want to have a bathroom that is modern and where you guests will envy your interior taste. To help you achieve this, we are going to talk about the top trending bathroom designs this year.

Small Spaces

A lot of households haven’t got a lot of space to work with in terms of their bathroom, which is why it is imperative that you make the most of your small space. The last thing you want is a humid bathroom which gathers mold and grime in the most unforgiving of places. Shower panels are great for small bathrooms with minimum intrusion into your space and no grouting required due to their hygienic and easy clean properties. A glossy bathroom is big trend at the moment, creating a clean, sparkling ambiance that can give the illusion of making your compact bathroom bigger.

Marbleized Bathrooms

Marble is back with a bang this year! A sophisticated design that stands the test of time and adds elegance to your home. Marble décor can often be coupled with chrome accessories or even wood furnishings to create stark stunning contrast. You can also use various marble styles in the same room to make your bathroom a roman work of art. If you don’t like the high maintenance of real marble décor, go with alternatives, like marble effect shower panels that don’t require any maintenance other than wiping down.

3D Effect Bathrooms

Statement bathrooms are a top trend this year. Instead of a fully tiled or panelled bathroom, there has been a sharp increase in people wanting to visually divide their space by having a 3D effect feature wall. Using 3D effect panels such as Wood Effect Panels will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Deluxe Dark Bathrooms

This year is all about bringing the dark rich walls of your living room, feature walls and bedrooms into the bathroom. Taupes, Teals and Cyan colours are at the top of 2020’s trending colour list. Embrace your home’s personality and extend the ‘living colours’ into your bathroom this year.


Minimalist vs Maximalist

We have seen various places claim that either the ‘Minimalist’ or ‘Maximalist’ approach to bathrooms are the top trends this year. To help you make up your minds we have highlighted a few examples of both.  

Textured Walls

Texture in a bathroom creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, ‘in keeping’ with the rest of the house hold. Often people become sick of the cold, clinical feel of tiles and opt for wallpaper or textured wall panels which has now become a top trend this year. Textured décor is great for going behind sinks and feature walls. Another way of incorporating texture into your bathroom is find that they by going half way up the wall in tiles and the rest in textured décor. The result? Stunning.


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