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Staying inside doesn’t have to be non-productive. Netflix is always available at the click of a button but having time to start your own bathroom project is a rarity. What if we told you that you could get the bathroom décor you have always dreamed of in a quick turnaround and learn some invaluable skills along the way?

Honestly we are not crazy, you absolutely CAN do this! Wall panels are easy to install (as simple as just using silicone), cost effective and 100% waterproof. They are ideal for those who want to spruce up their tired bathroom. Below is a short three minute tutorial on installing wall panels.

How easy and simple did that look? You can do it that easily too with the right tools, guide and our dedicated customer service team to help you along the way.

Our Recommendations and Tips

For your first DIY project with wall panels, we advise you look at working with 5mm or 8mm thick wall & ceiling panels. Their dimensions make it ideal for those who want to do a small area such as a feature wall, bath panel or splashback feature. Due to their 2.6m long lengths, you will have a lot of panel to work with, especially if you are only using half of the length, leaving plenty of room for mistakes because no one gets it right first time and that is ok.

As well as this, Claddtech have a huge variety of stunning designs, ranging from tile effect panels to sparkle cladding, giving you the inspiration to move forward with your bathroom installation. For further inspiration follow our Instagram page and tag us in your ideas using #claddtech in the caption.

To get your started here are some top tips to help you with your first DIY project;

  • Stay Safe – Always wear the correct protective gear such as glasses for cutting the panels down.
  • Plan Ahead: It is better to over order than under order. This avoids issues with batches and further delays to your project. It will also help compensate for any incorrect cuts you make on other panels.
  • Preparation, Preparation and Preparation – It is so important to prepare your area before carrying out any project. Like most things in life, if you have a good plan or solid foundation for your vision, it is most likely to succeed.
  • If this is your first DIY project, it may be wise to have a friend, colleague or family member, who has experience with DIY with you for support and advice

If you are feeling brave, why not install wall panel trims alongside installing your bathroom wall panels? Click here to find out more about panel edging and how these trims can put a frame around your design.

To find out how you prepare to install wall panels, CLICK HERE to read our blog on how to prepare you walls alternatively, WATCH HERE to see a visual guide on how to prepare for your bathroom remodel.