August 23, 2019 0 Comments

Have you ever thought about using panels in places other than your Bathroom or Kitchen, but you feel the designs out there are not suitable for you lounges or bedroom walls?

You are looking for decor that creates a homely feel in your rooms of socialisation but most panels you have looked at do not match your vision?

Well, Claddtech have seen the gap in the cladding panel market and took full advantage of it. We here at Claddtech have designed a full new range of Wall Panels designed for ALL interior rooms of your home and workspace.

The 'Solisse' Elegant Luxury Panel range is a collection of wall panels like no other. Beautiful in appearance, coupled with stunning 3D Texture that produces a warm, homely feel to your bedroom, lounge or reception room.

So robust, these panels can withstand jet washing without a scratch.

Say goodbye to patchy paintwork that can get ruined by grubby handprints, and say goodbye to peeling wallpaper that is tired and outdated!

Say hello to Solisse Panels.

Want to see just how robust these stunning panels are? Watch this video below to see how Solisse Panels tackle a 2.5kg weight. Solisse Panels 1 - 2.5kg Weight 0.

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