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Do you want your bathroom, kitchen or living space to sparkle? Would you like to wake up to a room that could brighten your mood every morning? If not then click here to continue browsing our other stunning designs.

At Claddtech we have an ample range of sparkle cladding. From white sparkles to grey shimmers and panels that sparkle like the blue lagoon, there is a huge colourful pallet to choose from.

As a bonus, Claddtech has a range of sparkle wall panels with integrated twin chrome strips to help make your bathroom stand above the rest.

Below are some ideas on how to incorporate sparkle decor in your home. 

Just a touch of sparkle

There a few ways you can incorporate subtle sparkle decor in your home if your not big on going all out. For example, sparkle wall panels look great as a 'splashback feature' behind sinks. The sparkles will compliment the chrome fixings such as your taps and shower units.

There is a minimum purchase of four 250mm panels with Claddtech, therefore you will most likely have enough materials left over to create a stunning bath panel to compliment your new feature. Two features for the price of one.

As well as wall panels being a stunning feature to your home, the team at Claddtech have made this installation process easier for you by putting together a short, simple tutorial.

Featured Panel: Black Sparkle & Chrome 5mm Panel

Full Bathrooms

Alternatively, if you have the mind set 'go big or go home' then why not make your bathroom dazzle. The length of Claddtech wall panels enable you to cover your room from floor to ceiling. If you want to go the further mile why not add the chrome panel edging for the complete luxury finish? The panel edging trims are designed to be used in corners instead of just finishing off these areas with beads of silicone. Check out the full bathrooms below to help you gain some bathroom inspiration.

Featured Panels: Top Left - Purple Sparkle 5mm Wall Panel, Top Right - White Sparkle 5mm Wall Panel, Bottom Picture - White Utopia Sparkle 5mm Wall Panel

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