November 22, 2019 0 Comments

At Claddtech, we like to help every customer's vision of their brand new, luxurious bathroom come to life. On many occasions, we are asked about finishing trims (edging, corners) and whether they are needed? When this happens we give the same answer every time, "it is completely down to personal preference".

We don't like to say finishing trims are an absolute must with panels, just like coving is not to everyone's taste for their living room ceiling. However, there are an array of benefits to panel finishing trims of which we are keen to highlight.

We see wall panel finishing trims as a bonus to help achieve the finished look! Available in a White, Black or Chrome PVC finish, these finishing trims will compliment not only your bathroom wall panels, but your bathroom furniture too!.For example, if your shower has a chrome mirrored frame, we would suggest a PVC chrome coving trim to finish the intersection between the wall and the ceiling. This will really highlight all your chrome furnishings in your bathroom (including taps).

A rough guide on where each trim can go in your bathroom, wet room or kitchen can be seen below;


End Cap: For the run of panels or to rest against skirting boards;

Coving Trim: For intersections between the walls and the ceilings. Can be used for along shower trays and baths.

Internal corner: to be used on an internal corner

External corner: to be used on an external corner.

Rigid Angle: for framing windows and door frames. Can be used on external corners.

Joining Trim: to join two panels together (top to bottom)

Just see below how trims compliment your bathroom and complete your dream bathroom, kitchen or living room look.