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Can I Install Bathroom Panels Myself?

Can I Install Bathroom Panels Myself?

, by Addition Collaborator, 1 min reading time

Is your bathroom in need of some serious decor TLC, however the cost of tiles, labour, and painting is just astronomical?

Wouldn't it be a lot less money to just do it yourself, if only it were an easy job?

Bathroom Cladding (also known as wall panels, PVC cladding, decorative panels) is the perfect way to kick off your endless list of DIY tasks that you have been dying to get done since you moved!

Due to their tongue & groove design and super light weight, 5mm wall and ceiling panels can be installed by any DIY newbie.

The tongue & groove design on all Claddtech wall panels allows each panel to easily slot into one another, ensuring a flush fitting finish that will appear seamless.

As well as being super light weight, they are easy to cut! We recommend using a finetooth handsaw for cutting the panels down to size. It has been known that some of our customers use stanley knives, but please note that a steady hand is needed.

Don't forget our wall panels are generally 60% less expensive than the cost of tiles for the same coverage. You can get the job done yourself, saving on labour cost as well as saving on labour materials too! Two birds, one stone!

All you need to install them onto walls is some Solvent Free Silicone Adhesive. Just apply to the back of the panel in a zig zag fashion, or if the walls are uneven, apply them in small blobs in two columns down the back of the panel. Still unsure? Please see our installation video below;



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