January 14, 2019 0 Comments

Every five years or so, we can find ourselves looking at our bathroom and feeling like it is a little outdated and in need of revamping. We start internet surfing for some inspiration at the best price and quickest turnaround. We think, new bathroom furniture, new taps, and new tiles….WAIT. There is your first problem ….Tiles.


The irritatingly lengthy, fiddly process of removing your outdated tiles, and replacing with new ones, only for a couple of months later for them to plagued by yellowed grout lines, pink grime and black mould. THINK…what if there was a quick, easy maintainable, cost effective, great long term solution. Well there is, two words, Wall Panelling.

Not excited yet? Let me highlight a few of the many benefits.  Wall panelling is a cost effective, easy to install, easily maintainable alternative to tiles. Our extensive range of Claddtech PVC bathroom panels are 100% waterproof, Class 1 Fire Rated and grout free!

Not only are panels easy to install, they can go over existing tiles! Say goodbye to de-tiling your bathroom and hello to cladding panels. Perfect for showerenclosures, wet rooms, kitchens, ceilings and salons. You can even install these in a playroom for your little ones as any mess you can just wipe off and you are good to go, no nasty chemicals required.


Our vast range of bathroom panels even includes tile effect styled panels. Our most popular design is the Executive Grey Small Tile effect wall panel. The Executive tile effect panel will enhance the luxury of any room you choose to install it in. Want a better look? Please have a look at our installation video of the stunning Executive Tile effect panel here.

Now you can have the look of tiles without the high maintenance. Some of our tile effect panels even feature a real groove line, therefore you have the feel of tiles without the need to put on your marigolds.

We also have different panel designs to suit all personal styles, from our sparkle range panels to our stone effect boards. Want something special for your ceiling? We have you covered, our gloss PVC panelsare the perfect choice for a beaming ceiling. The hardest part about having panels instead of tiles, is choosing which design you want the most! Want to know how easy they are to install? Please head to our installation videos to see for yourself.


So if Wall Panelling sounds like the right move for your bathroom revamp, then click here to go to our calculator which will show you how many panels you need for your room at a fraction of the price of tiles.