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Our gift to you this Fathers Day!

Our gift to you this Fathers Day!

, by Lloyd Taylor, 3 min reading time

Does the special man in your life have an old room that needs renovating in a cost-efficient way?

I know the first thing that will spring to mind is which tiles you will choose for your home, however our PVC wall and Ceiling panels which are now the new & upcoming market will no doubt be the perfect match for you. Our cladding panels are the cost-effective modern uplift to tiles with a wide range of designs and thickness to choose from. We all know our Fathers and Grandads work hard all year round so why not treat them this fathers day using an extra 10% discount on a variety of panels handpicked for that special man in your life.

We supply our panels in 5mm, 8mm & 10mm thicknesses, meaning you can choose the price that best suits your budget! Our 5mm & 8mm panels are known as our “ Wall & Ceiling panels” as they are easy to install and can be used for both wall and ceilings to create a seamless effect. Both 5mm & 8mm are 2.6M Long x 250mm Wide and have an extremely lightweight effect. However, we do offer a higher price range which includes our 10mm panels. These are 2.4M Long x 1M Wide which gives yourself a huge benefit when installing as bigger panels means less joints. All of our PVC panels are a tongue and groove method so they can be easily installed into one another and can be stuck onto the area with just the use of Solvent free adhesive. 

 As our panels are able to be stuck or screwed straight on top of almost any surface, including tiles; it will certainly save time and prevent costs from escalating when having to pay extra labour fees. With all of our PVC panels also being Class 1 Fire Rated and 100% waterproof, they are suitable for almost any room such as a Mancave, games room, a bar or even something as simple as a shower cubicle.

Our panels are low maintenance meaning that special person can spend more time with you rather than keeping up with all that grouting!

 There are so many benefits to all of our panels that it would take me until the next Fathers Day to list them all!


Our panels start from as little as £6.95 including VAT, meaning cladding your space can be up to 50% cheaper than tiles. 

We also offer a deluxe range of 3mm & 5mm Acrylic Wall Panels, featuring an inspiring range of unique bespoke Printed designs that are exclusive to Claddtech. Alternatively, you can send in a chosen photograph for our graphic designer to create a custom-made panel that is sentimental for you! 

Be quick and treat that important person today with our extra 10% discount:

                                   Use Code: FATHER10



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