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Bathroom Wall Panels; Which Size is Right for Me?

Bathroom Wall Panels; Which Size is Right for Me?

, by Abbie Price, 3 min reading time

Bathroom wall panels have been around a lot longer than people realise. Six years ago, I had not the faintest clue of what PVC panels were, I had just presumed tiles were the go-to for a bathroom renovation and with that, you would have to go straight to a plumber, builder, or joiner to tally up the cost, labour, and further costs of your tiled bathroom. I dread to even think.

When I learned that wall panels could go straight over the top of tiles, I thought that’s a bonus as I have seen a bathroom after it’s been de-tiled, and it looks like a nightmare. Then it came to me understanding the different sizes of bathroom panels and what worked best. This was tricky until I became so familiar with a product, I would go to bed dreaming of panels. Sad, I know.

But it gave me an idea, how can I make this easier for people who have never heard of bathroom cladding (bathroom cladding is another term we use for bathroom wall panels) to understand the benefits and the different sizes of wall panels, without having to dream about them.

If you are a wordsmith like me, please read on, if not scroll to bottom where I have put some visual diagrams that explain the differences and benefits of each size of bathroom panel.

I have categorised Shower Panels as our 10mm thick Wall Panel range as these are the most robust types of panels to go in a shower and stand the test of time. Their 2.4m x 1m dimensions make them ideal to go over existing Shower tiles as most standard showers are around 1.2m x 0.9, so you will only need a maximum of three shower panels to do an area like this.  Any offcuts could be used for a sink or cabinet splashback. Like my Nanna used to say, waste not, there is always something creative to be done. In my Nanna’s defence, this was in the context of food, but you get my drift.

That is not to say that 5mm and 8mm panels do not work in a shower. They absolutely would, 8mm would be preferable as they are thicker and if you have a little one running around like I do, then I would always suggest going with a thicker panel to protect your shower against the mammoth of bath toys you have in your bathroom. If you are a lone couple whose clumsy levels are non-existent, 5mm or 8mm panels will be ideal for you, as well as the cheapest alternative.

I call the 5mm and 8mm panels the ‘Wall & Ceiling Panels’ as they are versatile and can be used for both wall and ceilings to create a continuous, seamless effect. Both sizes are 2.6m long and lightweight, especially the 5mm size. This is where I would recommend the 5mm for the ceiling, as their lightweight makes them extremely easy to install. The gloss white and the White & Chrome panels are naturally the top favourites as they brighten even the smallest rooms.

It is always good to consider the 8mm panels as wall panels to go around your bathroom, especially the tile groove collection which are tiled effect panels that do not need any grouting. They can be used horizontally as well as vertically, creating a unique and modern appearance.


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