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Start 2023 as a fierce queen

2023: The Year of Self-Care, Love, Reflection, and Home Perfection.

, by Abbie Price, 2 min reading time

Start off the new year right and embrace your inner boldness, beauty and best self through self care, love, reflection and home perfection. 

If you are like me and you make new years resolutions every year, only to drop them on day two, then maybe you are making the wrong types of new years resolutions. We start the year criticising ourselves, our habits over the last year, rather than embrace our own personal growth, our achievements, and our journey to self-approval. Every year we start with the same taste of dissatisfaction in our mouths, when we should be patting ourselves on the back for bossing another year. 

So as a woman who is crying out for some change this year, I say OUT with the new year resolutions and IN with the checklist of positive affirmations, activities that allow you to pamper yourself and a space where you can be reminded of how great you are. 

The place where most of us do our reflection, pampering and pep talks is of course in the bathroom. It is a safety, a place where you can relax in tranquility after a crazy day at the office, or a non-stop day at home. A place where you can just for a minute shut the upside-down world out and be at peace with our bodies and our minds.

The bathroom should be everyone’s place of security, relaxation and where we transform from 9-5 to coming alive. If you are coming home from work into a bathroom that has peeling wallpaper, cracked tiles and stubborn black mould, then your place of security, relaxation and transformation becomes a dismal pit of despair. From that, any positive affirmations you tell yourself in the mirror will be overshadowed by the TLC your space of relaxation so desperately needs.

If we have an area that helps us feel good about ourselves because it reflects who we are, it gives you the kick to get up and achieve your maximum potential and strut about with the utmost confidence, which only comes from being firmly rooted in who you are.

With all this in mind, we at Claddtech created a wall panel that is designed to give you all the reinforcement and positive affirmation you need to get up every day with the prominent reminder that you are a fierce queen. Take in the kind words, feel them and start the year with the mindset to take on the world and accomplish everything you desire. 

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